Lawyers Condo Management, LLC

HOA and Condo Association Professionals

Developer Services

Our expert team is devoted to giving unparalleled attention to each and every aspect of your operation. There are numerous challenges a developer will face along the way, from units being sold during construction to customer service matters and budget constraints. Lawyers Condo Management, LLC makes it a top priority to assist you with these matters by offering a full range of services. From the planning and construction, all the way to the marketing and ultimately turning over to the buyers, Lawyers Condo Management, LLC will be there every step of the way.

Planning Services

When it comes to developing a community, a complete plan of action is necessary in order to minimize risk for the developer. We understand every aspect of developing and building a community. This helps us to anticipate the problems that may arise at each and every stage of the operation. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Single Family/Master Planned
  • Mixed Use
  • Downtown/High-Rise
  • Condominiums & Co-ops

Lawyers Condo Management, LLC is dedicated to assisting you with the up-front planning required before breaking ground. Let us put our experience in this field to work for you.

Planning Services Include:

Architectural Reviews

  • Site plan review: pedestrian and traffic flow
  • Exit/Entry points: pedestrian flow
  • Controlled access points: pedestrian flow and possible breaches
  • Elevator and key amenity placement
  • Electrical and water availability

Document Reviews

  • Rule enforcement provisions
  • Amendment Provisions
  • Detail of owner assets
  • Identification of deliverables from developer to association, (e.g. amenities and services)
  • Formulation of the interrelationship and responsibilities of multiple associations

Management Services

A reliable partner is a necessity once the building and development process has begun. You can count on Lawyers Condo Management, LLC to manage throughout the entirety of the project. Our professionals are committed to providing frequent communication with clients and prompt customer response, which are of great important to ensure peace of mind.

Management Services Include:

  • Community Formation
  • Architectural Review
  • Preparing initial operating budgets, initiating reserve study, 90-day operation review and ancillary budget spreadsheets
  • Creating rules and regulations, including fines, hearings and operational rules
  • Preparing opening operations, including move-in procedures, meeting procedures, re-sales, dispute resolution and more
  • Perform ongoing operations
  • Issuing resident communications
  • Transitioning from builders to homeowners
  • Creating customized, property-specific pioneer programs that enhance developer reputations and accelerate sales velocity